Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wedding and Banquet Expo 2011

I attended a wedding and banquet fair on 8 July 2011 in Mid Valley. Took brochures of 10 or so hotels and places offering wedding packages. Amongst them:

  • Banker's Club - this stuck with me because the man in charge was friendly and my friend is having a wedding there in September
  • Glenmarie Hotel - staff there were also extremely friendly and responsible and followed-up with my request for wedding photos
  • Millenium Hotel - Marketing personnel had a good chat with me and gave me a box of chocolates. Yup, food helps my mood.
I think I enjoy weddings and wedding-related events because it is the nearest semblance of a Princess event for a woman. I'm also not big on emoticons but I think my last sentence deserved a XD

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